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Get accurate and relevant data faster

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Automated data fetching

With Exur’s Data Platform collecting information on clients and creating tender material is fully automated.

Multiple data sources

Gain access to historic company structure, owned properties, financials, claims statistics and more.

Live 24/7

Automatically receive updated information saving you and your clients valuable time.

“With more than 10 years of experience from working with data and risk modelling in both the insurance and banking industry, our team has developed a framework for efficiently obtaining and processing risk data.”

Emil Kwiatek

ceo, Exur

Product features

Tender management


Our tender management tool monitors the process of each tender in real-time, and you'll never have to worry about missing an important deadline again.


With artificial intelligence, the system automatically prepares recommendations for coverage and at the same time estimates the cost of each coverage and condition. This makes it easy to compare insurance offers with the customer.


Tender-related data is searchable and documented in one place, so you are always compliant.


Leads engine

The Leads Engine provides you with a clear overview letting you prioritise your leads and target clients with the highest life-time-value.

Our Engine uses AI to predict premium and conversion probabilities. Use it in combination with other variables such as industry and geographical area to segment new promising leads.


Intelligent Q&A

With the Q&A tool you can dynamically create relevant questions aimed towards insurance seekers allowing you to remain proactive in your client relationships. The questions are tailored to your client’s risks and in alignment with your providers general covers and terms.


Want to try our platform? Join our pilot program

Interested in how Exur Data Platform might work for your business? We are running an exclusive pilot program in partnership with select early adopters.

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